AirStreme AirPro ACU.53 1110


Ecolo’s ACU.53 system integrates easy-to-use electronics and a durable oilless compressor into one sleek and professional package. The ACU.53 system is specially designed for flexible control over multiple zones either with vapor units, spray stations, or air mist nozzles in remote locations. This allows the XStremeTM Vapor particles or AirSolutionTM droplets produced by the system to effectively eliminate odors throughout the treatment area with uniform coverage and intensity.

The ACU.53 can be used to dispense solutions from floor-mounted reservoir containers (ex. 55 gals. drum), up to 6 spray stations, or 9 vapor stations.

Features & Benefits:
  • Compressor & programmable controller in one clean and polished system
  • Repeat cycle timers with up to 11-minute intervals and spray duration of up to 10 minutes.
  • Great for use in a large facility where the connection between the control unit and spray unit may be a long-distance apart
  • Quickly mounts to a wall


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