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About Us


VCI Ecolo Africa Distributors

VCI Ecolo Africa Distributor is set up by diaspora Africans domiciled in Canada and the United States of America (USA), the company maintains operating locations in Canada, the USA, Nigeria, Ghana, and some other African countries, and will be opening up more as business improves in future.

VCI Ecolo Africa Distributor is the distributor of Ecolo Odor, Dust, and Pest control Technology Products. We are also the distributor of Upper Canada Organic products. We are known for our quality service delivery which makes us Number 1 among the companies business Partners.

The company is managed by a team of experienced staff in Canada and Professional staff in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African Countries who oversee a multi-disciplinary team of specialists for its various jobs. In conjunction with an efficient management and services support team, we offer reliable and quality services at optimal costs to our clients.

Ecolo Odor Control Company

Ecolo Africa Distributors has acquired the right and authority to market and sell odour, dust & mosquito control products, formulations and equipment in every continental African country (except South Africa which already runs a branch of the parent company ), by Toronto, Canada-based Ecolo Odour Control Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s foremost companies in the business. With more than 40 years of trusted service to its clients around the world, Ecolo Inc. has since 1973 been developing and manufacturing quality odour control solutions for solid waste, wastewater, industrial and commercial facilities, at its facilities in Toronto, Ontario and Houston, Texas, USA. The company has 200+ distributors in over 40 countries and has both the expertise and capabilities to fulfill every odour and dust management needs around the world.

Core Values


We realize that we live in an era of permanent change. We anticipate and respond rapidly to amended and changing conditions, and we have the flexibility to meet the continuously changing needs of our customers.


VCI Ecolo Africa Distributors is dedicated to Excellence in everything we do. Quality is the uncompromised standard for our actions and deliverables towards achieving Excellence in our products and services.


VCI Ecolo Africa Distributors do what is right and we respect the values, beliefs, and cultures of our partners, clients, and employees at all times, no matter what the circumstances and conditions are. We have built our company on integrity and respect since we were founded.


We use resources to the full, waste nothing, and do only what we do best.