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When odor, pest and dust persist everywhere

We provide and supply direct equipment and formulations to deliver the most comprehensive and integrated product offerings in the industry.

You are probably aware that on a daily basis people experience odor problems in your neighborhood. 

odor problems In your neighborhood

Dump sites are areas that are mostly overlooked and continue to be a major source of nuisance odors in areas across Africa.

A lot of commercial areas like shopping malls, train stations, airport terminals and other highly populated areas could generate unnecessary odor that would be hard to control over time.

Industrial places like abbatoirs, poultry farm, waterworks stations and landfills,  emits not just unnecessary odor but toxic materials that contaminates the air we breath.

In major parts of Africa especially the Saharan-Sahelian neighborhoods, dust is a huge problem.

Including other pests like bed bugs, flies, beetles and yellowjackets can be a risk to your health and your family.