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odor problems in your neighborhood

You are probably aware that on a daily basis people experience odor problems in your neighborhood.

Dump Sites

Dump sites are areas that are mostly overlooked and continue to be a major source of nuisance odors in areas across Africa.



A lot of commercial areas like shopping malls, train stations, airport terminals and other highly populated areas could generate unnecessary odor that would be hard to control over time.



Industrial places like abattoirs, poultry farm, waterworks stations, and landfills,  emits not just unnecessary odor but toxic materials that contaminate the air we breathe.



In major parts of Africa especially the Saharan-Sahelian neighborhoods, dust is a huge problem.



Including other pests like bed bugs, flies, beetles and yellowjackets can be a risk to your health and your family.


About Us

VCI Ecolo Africa Distributor is set up by diaspora Africans domiciled in Canada and the United States of America (USA), the company maintains operating locations in Canada, USA, Nigeria, Ghana and some other African countries, and will be opening up more as business improves in future.


VCI Ecolo Africa Distributors have solutions to every Odor, Pest and Dust problem.
Our efficiency is beyond human comprehension.

Dust Control

Ecolo Systems are built to lasting standards using high quality corrosion resistant materials, and the latest innovations in noise reduction and water droplet technologies...

Pest Control

Using industry-leading technology and methods backed by science, and professional mosquito control program ensures your residential property is protected against...

Odor Control

No matter what city or town you go to in the world, you will never be far from a facility or service that generates disruptive odors...

Ecolo Africa

40 years of trusted service to its clients around the world, Ecolo Inc. has since 1973 been developing and manufacturing quality odour control solutions for solid waste, wastewater, industrial and commercial facilities, at its facilities in Toronto, Ontario and Houston, Texas, USA. The company has 200+ distributors in over 40 countries and has both the expertise and capabilities to fulfill every  odour and dust management needs around the world.


Odor Control Intervention